Wednesday, January 23, 2008

YouTube and Dying

I'm in mourning today because one of my favorite movies stars is dead. I loved Heath Ledger in a lot of his movies although I readily admit I never saw the ol' Brokeback movie..that would have ruined entirely too many day dreams...just kidding. Actually one of my favorite scenes with him was his dance in A Knights Tale which thanks to Youtube we can watch over and in a sense for those of us who only knew Heath in a superficial way he's not really dead.
On a similar note this isn't the first celebrity death that has surprised me this month. Yesterday I googled Madeline L'Engle to get a complete listing of her books to check against my collection and I was shocked to see she died this past September! How did I not know that? What the heck? I read the news highlights in Yahoo everyday, the headlines in the magazine rack at the grocery store at least twice a week! How did I not know one of my favorite authors died! I'm in denial! If anyone hears that JRR Tolkien or CS Lewis dies I don't want to know...Just kidding I know they are already gone-almost all my favorite authors are...I guess there in lies the problem. I usually only read old books and yahoo headlines...must be leaving a gap somewhere

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meh said...

It does feel that way to me too, about my favorite authors being all from way back when instead of here and now. We at least have Jan Karon with us still. Is it a sign of the times or is this always the way it is, I wonder?