Monday, June 04, 2007

Summer is here and I feel a new lease on life

Summer is here and all things feel possible...okay maybe its the 1 cup of coffee that I had this morning that was big enough that I could fit the three cups I made into one serving! Or maybe it is that hubby and I are taking off on Wednesday for a 5 day trip to Laguna Beach California sans kids! (the high I'm feeling actually comes from everything that I need to do to get ready and knowingly ignoring it to post on my blog) I have to say in the past I have been more the proponant of year round school than summer breaks...this year school was SO difficult that I'm and enjoying summer even though we are having to do catch up on school work. I am taking the summer mornings to teach Emma to read well, Gabe grammer and Julia to count! Afternoons are reserved for friends, swimming and occasional laundry...oh and bread making...we made three loaves in my bread machine and just about ate them all in one day...don't tell the kids but the bread was really healthy...whole wheat and flax seed! Next time I make a loaf I'll post a picture...HERE'S TO SUMMER!!!!!