Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Real Simple Real Stupid

Okay normally I LOVE the emails and magazine from Real Simple but today I guess they hit a nerve and believe me they were already all exposed and out there just askin to be banged into! In their Save Money All Year Long Column they suggested 1. Don't buy gas on the weekends, buy gas on Tuesday which historically has the lost price of the week. Let me ask all you mom's out there... (all three of you that occassionally read my blog)...Can you really fill up your car on Tuesday and not fill it up on the weekend? How many of you can make it on one tank of gas for a week? Guess I'll start having to bring a bunch of little red gas cans with me when I go to the station on Tuesdays! Peedaddle! (my favorite new swear word from the Mitford books) Their next suggestion was based on the presumption that the average weekly grocery bill is $80.00/week...I live in Texas which is supposed to have one of the lowest costs of living in the US next to Missouri and all I have to say to the $80.00/week is what third world country did they survey? I almost never get out of Walmart under $100.00 and if I go to Sams or Costco forget it $100.00 isn't even close! Now I guess the average family has 1.2 kids and we are 2.8 kids over the average so maybe that is where we blow the curve but BLAST (my other new Mitfordian swear word) this article was more discouraging than helpful!

OH and on a totally ADD tanget...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO 1.0 of my 3.0 curve blowers!