Saturday, August 11, 2007

PBS is calling

I'm waiting for PBS to call because I'm planning to live for the next year very counter culture.

Remember the series where the people lived like they were on a homestead during frontier days--counter culture?

I hear PBS is coming out with a new series about a family with 17 kids and counting--counter culture.

Well I'm not planning on having two dozen more kids or moving to a farm with no running water, but I'm going to do something just as crazy! I'm not going to volunteer for anything for the next 18 months. I have to say though, school starts soon, church small groups are gearing up again and I've already caught myself humming the Queen/Bowie song, "Under Pressure".

For only the second time in my adult life, that I can remember, we are consistantly having dinner on the table, laundry done (okay there is still the BIG basket of socks to be matched), and a we're following a budget. WHY? Cause I have time....I'm not doing anything else! No campaigns, no outside job to bring a little spending cash, no committees and for a couple of weeks now I've realized that the elephant isn't standing on my chest anymore!

So what's the problem? I am the female impersonation of Charlie Brown! WISHY WASHY!! Someone asks if I'll do something I can't say no, but this year is going to be different! I don't care if people (or is it just the voices in my head) say that I'm a terrible mom because I'm not roommom; a terrible witness because I'm not leading a small group; and underachiever cause I'm not bringing home extra bacon. This year I'm working on my qualifications to become a PB, Professional Buffer. That means in the afternoon after school I'll be avaliable to help MY kids with homework, when OUR home fix up projects are needing extra time I'll be waiting to pick up the paint brush, when JuJu needs a mommy horsey for her baby horsey, I'll be avaliable for apples and suger lumps. This year I have all the excuses in the book: 1. Ray is going back to school in addition to his full time job so somethings he normally would pick the slack up on I'm going to have to do, 2. this is Julia's last year before preschool and 3. Cause my mommy says so (okay she hasn't but I know she would!)

We'll have to see how long I can hold out. I may have to keep a list of things on the side of my blog that I've said no to but if I start not wearing deoderant or quit shaving my legs I'll leave it to my dear friends to rescue me from the draw of my own PBS series.