Wednesday, January 23, 2008

YouTube and Dying

I'm in mourning today because one of my favorite movies stars is dead. I loved Heath Ledger in a lot of his movies although I readily admit I never saw the ol' Brokeback movie..that would have ruined entirely too many day dreams...just kidding. Actually one of my favorite scenes with him was his dance in A Knights Tale which thanks to Youtube we can watch over and in a sense for those of us who only knew Heath in a superficial way he's not really dead.
On a similar note this isn't the first celebrity death that has surprised me this month. Yesterday I googled Madeline L'Engle to get a complete listing of her books to check against my collection and I was shocked to see she died this past September! How did I not know that? What the heck? I read the news highlights in Yahoo everyday, the headlines in the magazine rack at the grocery store at least twice a week! How did I not know one of my favorite authors died! I'm in denial! If anyone hears that JRR Tolkien or CS Lewis dies I don't want to know...Just kidding I know they are already gone-almost all my favorite authors are...I guess there in lies the problem. I usually only read old books and yahoo headlines...must be leaving a gap somewhere