Friday, January 11, 2008

Deep Earth Shattering Important

I've decided to go organic! And to that end we are going to have a garden and a compost. To begin this lofty goal, I need to start composting now so that I can have the soil ready by spring for planting. I'm happy to say that my compost is already up and running, it is just in sort of an unusual place....the floorboard of my Honda Odyssey! I swear there are enough spilled drinks, frys, chicken nuggets etc. to generate enough breaking down bio fuel that they are going to soon be drilling for coal in my own car and I am positive I have the drilling/mineral rights on my Honda! Now in other time halting delimmas I swore I wouldn't be sucked in to watching or caring about the whole Brittney Drama but I do have one question...WHAT DOES HER REAL HAIR LOOK LIKE? I have seen pics of her with the pink hair which I am pretty confident isn't her real hair and then I've seen pictures of her with long brown hair with a hair line that defies wigdom but I don't think even celebraties can grow hair that long in that short of time....Okay all you deep thinking, celebrete knowing readers out there weigh in and tell me what's up! I've stopped cleaning my house to post this so ya know it is important!


meh said...

You make me laugh!!!

Kellie said...

You crack me up girl. I had to read the post twice to figure out if you were really going organic. I think I need more coffee.

Lisa said...

Ok, I fall for it every time. I have been around you for 34 1/2 years. Do you think I would know better?
I also, of course, had an answer about Britney's hair. Please don't just throw out musings about know I feel I must respond. :)
You got me!