Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lightening Never Strikes Twice...

BUT Lightening and Chickenpox can strike at the same time!

Gabe has the chicken pox despite receiving the vaccination...funny he was supposed to have a well check today with his doctor. Part of the well check was a booster shot for the chicken pox vaccination...Guess we won't be needing that!

And last night our house was hit by blew out or I should say blew up my breadmachine, my cell phone charger and our hot water heater!...I can take the cold showers, the not talking to my friends, but NO HOMEMADE BREAD???? If it wasn't for the fact we are extreemly contagious right now I'd already be scouring Kohl's for a new Breadman Ultimate!

...oh and I've had the chicken pox as a teenager...a not mild but not horrendous case if I remember correctly ...but I am itching ALL OVER...Dang I hate this psychosomatic stuff! I think I'll just take a extended dose of Benadryl and sleep for the next week or so...that is of course unless Emma and Julia come down with the three weeks...AH this could go on forever!