Wednesday, July 19, 2006

We are moving AGAIN

Okay not really but almost...

I'm getting new flooring in my entire house....

Oh I think I forgot to mention that it is 12:30am Friday morning and the reason I am getting new flooring in my entire house is because while we were at my parents swimming this past evening the toilet overflowed...and overflowed...and overflowed.

The guy just left after giving us the estimate on the clean up...$5,000.00 (give of take a couple hundred). That figure doesn't even touch putting down the new flooring! The "extraction team" (two littleish guys) are here right now to take out every stich of carpet, pad and tack strips and then set up 14 really loud fans for 3 days give or take a day or 2!...Did I mention it is 112 degrees here in Texas (they say there is a cold front coming this weekend and it will actually drop to the low 90s) and the water extraction is going to raise the humidity in our house considerably over the next couple of days :)

So once again we get to move every stick of furniture in our house...

To show you my state of mind I sat here tonight and contemplated selling all but 20 of my 5 bookshelves of books...if someone had come to the door and offered me $1,000.00 for them I would have let them take them with out a second thought...I'm still wondering what half price books would give me for them...

I don't think I've mention yet that God is good, not that the following list is proof its just to remind me...Bernie (Ray's brother) is alive, Katie (Ray's niece) is alive, we have food to eat, a roof albeit a hot and humid one over our heads, we have insurance, we have a God that promises not to give us more than we with His Spirit can handle, we don't live in the area that was just hit AGAIN with a tsunami, we don't live in an area that is war torn. Yep God is good, and I would have to say that regardless of my circumstances, but I will practice saying it tonight in my frustrating, exhausting, wearing me out, can't believe this is happening, there goes our financial buffer and any traveling plans for the rest of the year kind of circumstances.

By the way if anyone is calling me tomorrow...use my cell...I probably won't be here. If I am I won't be able to hear you over the fans anyway or as seeing it is 1am and they haven't finished one room yet...I may be sleeping.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I used to love breakfast....these days it just seems to be getting something in to protect the lining of my stomach from the massive amounts of caffine to be dumped in it! :)

Monday, July 17, 2006

New Favorite Quote

I'm reading Girl Meets God by Lauren is my favorite quote so far....

"There are a few people out there with whom you fit just so, and, amazingly, you keep fitting just so even after you have growth spurts or lose weight or stop wearing high heels. You keep fitting after you have children or change religions or stop dyeing your hair or quit your job at Goldman Sachs and take up farming. Somehow, God is gracious enough to give us a few of those people, people you can stretch into, people who don't go away, and whom you wouldn't want to go away, even if they offered to." (p85)