Sunday, February 05, 2006


Sometimes I feel worn out from caring about the "issues" in my friends lives. I wish I could have just one friend who had no "issues", who had a perfect life, perfect children, perfect health, perfect husband and perfect money. But then of course I would hate her! So maybe I do have such a friend I just don't know it because I hate her so much for having no "issues".

Seriously though can you imagine having a friend who didn't have some sort of hardship in their life? Would that mean God wasn't working on them? Wasn't refining or purifying them? How awful to have a friend that God didn't want to make more like Himself. A friend that God wasn't using difficult situations in her life to make her more compassionate, more forgiving, more thoughtful, more just or more loving. A friend left to follow every sinful inclination of her natural born heart.

So in a away I'm glad to be tired. It means my friends around me are fighting the good fight! And being exhausted must mean I am battling shoulder to shoulder with them! Thank God we can't battle beyond that which we are able and the shoulder next to mine and my friends can't fail.