Wednesday, July 25, 2007

MBAs, Starch and Google

So tonight kicks off hubby reentering school...the 18 month intensive executive MBA program. We are to go to a house in a fancy shmancy country club neighborhood and meet (ie size up) the rest of the students that will be his "team" for this MBA program. All this to say...tonight he needs to really look like "the top of the pecking order" so I took one of his shirts to the cleaners yesterday and asked them if they could "rush" this so we could have it nice and pressed by this evening. The guy at the cleaners, who by the way doesn't look like he knows a tailor, cleaner, clothes store that isn't run as a charity resale, barber, or shower for that matter, looked at me in a concerned manner (he is at least sensitive if not hygenic) and said, "Well all we have left is the heavy starch loads?!?" I, pulling off my best on my way to play tennis at the club voice, said, "Well okay since were rushed"...Now my question is what the heck is the difference? I mean besides the amount or maybe weight of the starch?

This by the way really is a rethorical question since I do have google. We used to have ask our friends and random aquantinces for information we didn't know. Now we can pretend to know it ALL because we can always ask google! Between blogging and google I really don't NEED anyone :) Someone to talk to...someone to if there was just a site that would tell me how funny I am I'd be set!

And Google says....

No Starch – offers the natural feel of the fabric, presents a more casual appearance and is less crisp and more prone to wrinkling.

Light Starch – still offers the natural feel of the fabric and adds a bit of crispness to collar and cuffs.

Medium Starch – adds body to the fabric providing a crisp appearance, is more wrinkle resistant and often prevents spills and stains from setting in.

Heavy Starch – the crisp appearance lasts longer and this also prevents spills and stains from setting in.

Please keep in mind that different shirts will hold the starch in different ways. For example, a new shirt with heavy starch may not feel as crisp as an older shirt with the identical starch. However, after a few washings, the new shirt should attain the same level. Shirts which are 100% cotton hold starch more efficiently than polyester or poly/cotton blends.

Now I'm off to google the difference between washing clothes in cold water with regular detergent, washing clothes in cold water with cold water detergent, washing clothes in warm/hot water, and effect on clothes and the environment of using fabric softner in a hard water maybe a while till I post again this could take a while. When hubby finishes his MBA I'll have him post my research results in a nice excel chart...That expensive degree has to be worth something!

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Kellie said...

" if there was just a site that would tell me how funny I am I'd be set!"

This is what Commenting is for...

And, really, I think your are funny. You make me laugh at least twice a day.

Get ready for the ride...I have done these 18 month degree roller coasters three times over. It's certainly an adventure! But since everybody and their mother has told you it will be worth it, i won't.

But it will be.

Oh! and can you get that same starch quality from home? Or must you go to the cleaners?

Inquiring minds want to know.