Wednesday, July 25, 2007

La Vida Dulce: High School Spirit Meme

La Vida Dulce: High School Spirit Meme

High School Spirit Meme

1. Who was your best friends? Rachel K. and Stephanie M.

2. Did you play any sports? No.

3. What kind of car did you drive? My first car was a pea soup green Grand Torino that sat up so high in the back I couldn’t see out the rear window very well. I was rear ended by a huge pick up that totaled my car so then I got a dirt brown (too keep it pg) Chevrolet Chevet that you had to roll down the driver’s side door and open the door from the outside and that you couldn’t have the headlights, defroster and windshield wipers all on at the same time or the wipers would just stop. I actually took this car with me after getting married to wintery Boston, MA and I have to say it started up every morning without fail…not a beauty but definitely old trusty!

4. It’s Friday night. Where were you? Babysitting. Or hanging out with the girls.

5. Were you a party animal? Regretfully no.

6. Were you considered a flirt? No

7. Were you in the band, orchestra or choir? No, German and Key club.

8. Were you a nerd? Probably

9. Were you ever suspended or expelled? No I did get sent to the principal for chewing gum in 3rd grade.

10. Can you sing the fight song? No.

11. Who was your favorite teacher? Mrs. Sigmund, English.
12. What was your school mascot? An Indian, not PC today, but I think they have managed to fly under the radar and it is still the mascot.

13. Did you go to the Prom? No I was a nerd in my junior year and an exchange student in my senior year.

14. If you could go back, would you? No way! Except for maybe my senior year as an exchange student in Germany…LOTS OF FUN!

15. What do you remember most about graduation? That I didn’t walk cause I was in Germany….missed all the parties and all the fun

16. Where were you on Senior Skip Day? In Germany

17. Did you have a job your senior year? Nope.

18. Where did you go most often for lunch? Always on campus.

19. Have you gained weight since then? OH YEAH

20. What did you do after graduation? I went to college.

21. What year did you graduate? High school 89 college 93

22. Who was your Senior Prom Date? Didn’t go

23. Are you going/did you go to your 10 year reunion? Nope

Any one else who wishes to play consider yourself tagged!


meh said...

OK, Lara, reading your meme was enlightening as well! And strangely, confirming that God's timing is so perfect. I don't think you, me , and Kellie would have gotten along at all in highschool and so we didn't meet until we were in our 30's. By the way, have fun with all the "school" in your house!!

Lara said...

So MEH was it the junky car, the smarty pants friends or the Key Club that makes you think we wouldn't have been friends? I now of course have a very sought after card, smart a** friends, and no clubs (since book and coffee clubbers moved away) :)

Kellie said...


I want you to cut and paste the mem in an email and email it to me and I will post you meme....cause I know the internet wants to here from you.

Also, You and Lara may have been in the 30's, but I was in my late 20's. ;)

Kellie said...

OH yeah! What in the world name is a Key club?

Lara said...

If you check the Memes then you will notice I only graduated a year ahead of you so if I met you in my early 30's you were too you faker!

And those of us who were a little more civic minded vs acting out our secret fantasies as Juliet know that Key Club is a high school service club. And if you had googled it you would have found...
Mission Statement

"Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership."


"To develop competent, capable, and caring leaders through the vehicle of service."

Core Values

The core values of Key Club International are leadership, character building, caring, and inclusiveness.


I pledge, on my honor,
to uphold the Objects of Key Club International;
to build my home, school and community;
to serve my nation and God;
and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.

meh said...

Lara, for heavens sake, let google alone!! TMI!! I will email Kellie my meme and then you can see why I was thinking what I was thinking.

PS praying for your sister!!!!!