Friday, July 28, 2006

Word of the Day...

dysleptric (adj)

To purposefully make a bad choice.

As in: King David was being dysleptric when he married Bathsheba.

Goal: Use this word three times in a sentence during the day. Come back and post people reactions here on this blog.

Today's blog posted in honor of John and Dena Culpepper and to smart alec's everywhere and those that love them :)


Lisa said...

Ok, I used it on Jerimy. I said, "I hope we aren't being dysleptric in going ahead with this home contract." He looked at me with a wierd look on his face, said, "What did you say?", I repeated it, and he said "I have NEVER heard of that word before." Good for him! He didn't fall for it! :) Jerimy gets an A+

Lara said...

TeeHee! Way to go Lisa! I think I've started something...actually I didn't start it my friends sunday school class made up this word years ago to trick a word-a-phil (?) in their class, but now its going go around again...Ray is going to use it in a meeting at work today..hope it doesn't end his career! There is always a chance that the audiance hearing the world will think you are an idiot for using a made up word not that they are idiots for not knowing the word! :)