Thursday, January 05, 2006

Just because

I'm posting today out of a sense of obligation...or maybe its just avoiding other stuff I need to be doing. I'm tired today, didn't sleep good last night, had lots of weird dreams and kept waking up worried I was oversleeping cause Gabe and Emma went back to school today. They were so excited and bouncing off the walls, bad mix with an over tired grouchy mom! I threatened 'em within an inch of their lives (or so they thought, no friends over and no PS2) if they came home with reports that they were not well behaved today! Julia just finally went down for a nap and I'm trying to decide between competing priorities 1. TAKE A NAP, 2. DO some not urgent but necessary work for my job, 3.Wash my hair. I'm leaning very hard towards #1!-Maybe just 30 minutes. Then I can still do 2 and 3.

Gee what a boring post!

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