Friday, January 06, 2006

Bloggers are annoying!

I almost deleted my blog yesterday...I still might do it! When I log on to and before I put in my username and password there is a randomly scrolling list of the most recently updated blogs. You can click on any of them and see what other people are posting...OH MY GOSH DO PEOPLE GET ANNOYING! Blogs seem to be the soap boxes of people that you would run like crazy from if you saw them anywhere within 100 yards! I guess it's easy to be bigoted and closed minded with an audience that you assume agrees with you. I guess only my friends are reading my blog, but who knows? All that to say, I LOVE my friends blogs, I check them a couple of times a day, makes me wish they'd post more (Carrie, Kellie, Kyrstin, Julie, anyone else out there? Marie under an assumed name? HA) they aren't remotely annoying. So if anyone out there thinks I'm starting to get too one sided in my posting let me know! (maybe for the first notice discreetly in an email instead of posted as a comment on my blog, if I don't listen then have at it) By the way that invitation was for friends only. If you are randomly reading this blog and don't like it....GO SOME WHERE ELSE!


Kellie said...

Girl you are just a bloggin' fool...two times two days in a row!

I also am a FBC (frequent blogger checker) although I proably shouldn't say that since my NY resolution is to spend less time on the computer!

Anonymous said...

Ok---I re-read your can't delete your blog. They have a security thing that makes it so you aren't put into the "blog roll".