Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hard Wired

I've come to the conclusion through no deep thought on my part but undeniable evidence in my kids that there are some characteristics that just come hard wired in our kids and can have Nothing to do with the parents genes! My Julia for example is hardwired to coordinate her outfits, want to wear exclusively pink, and have definative ideas about her hair at four years old. Sunday after church we were laying down for a nap when she said, "They said in Heaven we will have new bodies. Will I have a new butt?" As I layed there mouth hanging open trying to reason through this question the rapid follow up was "What about a new hairstyle?"...Ah me where did this child come from?...the twisted mind and hysterical questions I can understand but worrying at four about her butt and hair? HARDWIRED!


Kellie said...

That girl CRACKS ME UP!

Margie said...

This, Lara, is hilarious. How in the world did she come up with that? At age 4? Is this what I can look forward to?