Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ray's Adventure in China Part 1

Well some of you know that Ray is in Hong Kong right now as part of his EMBA studies. The plan is for him to visit Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. I talked to him after the recent earthquake in Shengdu which as close as I can estimate is about 900+ miles from Hong Kong. He said when the earthquake hit he was on a ferry and within minutes the boat was bouncing on the water. He said it wasn't but a couple of seconds before almost everyone was leaning over the boat throwing up. He somehow managed to not get sick, which is a miracle since he gets motion sick very easy!
The pictures I'm seeing out of Shengdu this morning are heart breaking. I really feel for the parents of the many young students that died. The news was saying that for many of these couples the student would have been their only child. It was interesting that when I talked to Ray he didn't know very much about the casulties in China. I gather that 1. the news in China is slower to get out, mostly people were still talking about the tragedy in Burma (Myanmar), and 2. what might have been started being reported Ray probably couldn't understand.

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Blue Skies said...

Wow. Wow that he's in China, Wow that there was such a tragedy (which I still haven't heard of either) while he was there. A very sad wow for those parents. I'll add these things to my prayer list....