Friday, April 04, 2008


Happy Endings or Sad Endings?
Redemption or Justice?
What do you prefer in a story?


Lisa said...

REAL or suprise endings. I don't like a happy ending just for the sake of a happy ending. Too predictable and not fulfilling. Redemption or justice, but I am not much about redemption for child molesters or abusers in a story. Of course in real life there is hope for us all through Jesus Christ.

Margie said...

A happy ending if possible, but a sad ending if it it leads to good as a result - works, relationships, love. A redemptively sad ending, as it were. I like what Lisa said, too - not a happy ending for the sake of it. That seems too, well, saccharine and fake.

And I prefer redemption over justice, although I sometimes think justice can be more fun.

meh said...

Really, it depends on the mood I am in. Mostly Happy Endings and Redemption. But I do have a strong sense of Justice and so I enjoy seeing that in a story. HMMM. How about a just but sad ending that on further reflection is really a redemptive, happy ending. Could you write me one of those books, please?