Friday, October 12, 2007


I've been memed by my friend at La Vida Dulce who was memed by our friend at Bye Bye Buy so here goes.

Jobs I've Had
1. Bank Teller
2. Resident Advisor (college dorm)
3. Administrative Assistant at the Kryptonite Corporation (no I don't hate Superman)
4. Tech at an Eye Doctor's office (yes I got to administer the puff of air test)

Places I've lived
1. Fredericksburg, Virginia
2. Celle Germany
3. Boston, Massachusetts
4. Southfield, Michigan (for only 3 months)

Food I love
1. Farfalla con pollo al sugo bianco or any other great Italian food, especially from La Familia Georgios in the North End of Boston!!!
2. Sopa de chili poblano from Victorias in Neuovo Laredo Mexico
3. Enchiladas Verdes again from Victorias or from My mother-in-law
4. Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce - Papadauxes (sp?)

Websites I visit
1. - I love how they make life seem so simple (what the heck are the talking about? LIFE IS NOT SIMPLE - but theirs looks so nice, but I think I must need to go shopping because I only have 2 of the 10 things every kitchen needs, but wait I thought the key to the simple life was less stuff, humm they must mean other stuff)
2. - This is the enabler of my addiction BOOKS BOOKS CHEAP BOOKS
3. - for my studies
4. or

Places I'd rather be
1. Riverbend Retreat Center with a good book.
2. Mountains in Arkansas in a cabin with a good book.
3. Rocky Mountains in a cabin with a good book.
4. Appalachian Mountains in a cabin with a good book.
5. And Italy in a villa with Farfalla con pollo al sugo bianco, a good merlot, and a good book (oh and maybe Andrea Bocolli to sing to me :))

Movies I love
1. Life is Beautiful and The Tiger in the Snow (both by Roberto Benigni
2. The whole extended edition of the Lord of the Rings Triology with ALL the extra features (especially the hidden easter egg with Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Geller which is by the way NOT kid appropriate)
3. Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, and Emma (all from Jane Austin books)
4. Oh Brother Where Art Thou (I LOVE George Clooney in this movie)

And since I don't watch TV I'll put my favorite CD's
1. Skip, Hop and Wobble with Jerry Douglas
2. Romanza with Andrea Bocelli click here to watch him on Youtube
3. Storm by Fernando Ortega
4. Shine Remix by Newsboys


jtcosby said...

I am so impressed you don't watch television. I keep thinking I can do it and not watch anything doesn't work. So I have started watching mostly HGTV and that way, I am just learning how to make my house sale ready, purchase a house in another country, do a room makeover for 1000...ugh! Thanks for commenting, I do love Bible Gateway...I have really actually read my Bible by using that program!!! Have a great weekend! Oh, I love love love Papa Deuxes (I cant spell that one). And there is a mexican restaurant (not papasitos) I love, I think it's like rico's or something like that. My parents live in Houston.

meh said...

I just spent the last 20 minutes listening to Andrea Bocelli on Youtube. Wow!! My favorite was his rendition of Elvis' I Can't Help Falling In Love With You for PBS.

Lara said...

But did you see him sing with Elmo? Check out...

Kellie said...

Update girl....

meh said...

YooHoo!! Where are you?