Thursday, August 23, 2007


I'm so mad I'm almost not going to write this just in protest! Today was the first day of school and I took the cutest pictures of the kids. Then of course it being the first day a bunch of my friends got together for coffee and had a whooo hooo party (as opposed to the boo hoo party the Kindergarten Mother's were having). I took great pictures of all my girls totally intending on posting them here...And what did I do? I deleted them accidently while trying to download them onto my computer. As an old seminary professor who used to call the publishing company I worked for and get mad when he got the answering machine would say...


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Blue Skies said...

I like that phrase! I'm in the Whoo Hoo camp right now, even though I have a kindergartner. She had her first year of school every day last year (k4). My baby heads there in two short years. It'll definitely be a boo hoo then.