Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What I've read, am reading and plan to read this summer

Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet
The memoir of a Autistic Savant who sees numbers in colors and shapes.
Rating:*** out of 4 ****

Charms for the Easy Life by Kaye Gibbons
Women's Fiction. Excellent story. I've also read On the Occasion of my Last Afternoon by her and loved them both.
Rating:*** out of 4 ****

Hidden Places by Lynn Austin
Christian Fiction. Great Story...I bawled my eyes out. Almost as good as the Mitford books, but a different kind of story.
Rating: *** out of 4 ****

Still Reading

Prayer by Philip Yancey
Inspirational/Christian Living
I LOVE Philip Yancey's writing and this is one of my favorites of his writings so far!
Rating:**** out of 4 **** (I'm not finished yet so this could change

Planning to Read Later this Summer
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling
The Final installment in the Harry Potter Series (I'll see if I can beat my last installment record and read it in one day)

The Children of Hurin by JRR Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien and Alan Lee

Post what you are reading and any suggestions for what I should add to my list.


meh said...

Happy reading!! Several of my friends up here are reading Francine Rivers historical fiction trilogy - Mark of the Lion I think is what it is called. Have you heard of them? The pics from your vacation look absolutely fabulous. Talk about green from envy!!

Kellie said...

Whew! Girl, I wishI had you git of speed reading! But the list looks great!

Kellie said...

Your GIFT, not git....geesh! I need some coffee.

Kellie said...

Time for an update.