Friday, June 01, 2007

For my Sister and long Distance Friends


Wow I didn't realize how much red was in my hair till I saw these pics!...Guess I just always wanted to fit in :) (with my red headed sister and two brothers :))
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Anonymous said...

the title should be for sis ld friends and those that live around the corner that i never see! one more week of school then give me a call and we will hit the local coffee shop since we do not have a starbucks within 15 miles

meh said...

Yeh Lara you updated the blog and your hair does look great! I like the red hue very much!! And Bec, is that you Ant Farmer?!

Kellie said...

well, hey, maybe I should move there for about a year and when I have to move again I gaurantee that you will have a Starbucks open within three months.

I love the hair too.