Monday, March 12, 2007

Guilt...just how far can it take you?

Some of you know that outside of cats, I am not really a pet lover. Some of you also know that I accidently...and I mean truely accidently was the cause of a certain "Chatter"'s I accidently "baked" my son's guinea pig in the Texas Heat. Against my better judgement, Gabe is getting another guinea pig. A little girl in his class is getting a horse...and her mother thinks the guinea pig will suffer intense jealousy and might fair better at our house (we can only hope) At least this time we don't have a cat that will be constantly wanting to "play" with the guinea pig. The only other pet in the house is a Japanese fighting fish (aka a Betta Fish) and I don't think it will be much of a threat. Gabe is so excited he has hardly left the house for the past two days waiting for the "birth family" to call that they are bringing over his newly adopted friend. Pictures will follow shortly.

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