Monday, February 12, 2007

New Car

The Plymouth Grand Voyager died and this is what we are replacing it with :)


Kellie said...

She's Beautiful.

And, speaking from experience, white Honda mini-vans are exceptional long distance travelers!

That would be a paid political announcement.

Kellie said...

OH Yeah, and thanks for blogging. Two days ago you said something about the blogs being boring...just think how I have felt as the three blogs a read, or don't, never get fed.

So on behalf of your reader (she will go un-named)...I thank you.

meh said...

Sweet ride!! This one is all shiny and clean and smells new and not even remotely broken in with happy meal clutter. Don't you kinda miss the old one just a little? Yah, didn't think so! Happy Valentines Day!!!